Is your older brother hot
― Ancient proverb (via jandjob)

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It wasn’t having the body of my dreams that made me love myself. No. It was jumping off a cliff into freshwater, swimming naked, drinking wine with a friend at 2 in the morning, sleeping under the stars, confessing my feelings to someone, laughing in the rain, riding in the back of a landrover, crossing streams and climbing rocks, singing around a campfire, getting up before the sun and watching it set behind mountains. I unapologetically immersed myself into things that awakened my soul. And in those moments I was so busy being me, so busy being happy, that I didn’t even realize someone was falling for me. So don’t worry too much. Do your thing. Live for yourself, because you are enough. ♡

Live a life you love and you will love yourself.

― I’m reading my diary entries from last year. This was much needed right now. (via vegandrine)
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Take baths in gasoline.
Light candles next to
your bed.

Try to get used to
the feeling of shedding
your skin and not being
able to grow yourself

Keep fire ants in your
sheets, give them
some place warm to

Scream for the pictures
in the homes destroyed
by the thing you love.

Keep water by your
bedside. Never drink it.

Look straight into the
sun, do not close your
eyes. After a while, it
won’t hurt so bad.

how to love a burning man, Emma Bleker (via stolenwine)
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